Ultra High Pressure Diaphragm Filter Press

Improve separation and filtration effect
Shorten filtration cycle
High pressure diaphragm filter plate
Firm and reliable
Long service life

High Pressure Filter Press has high pressure and good corrosion resistance.Widely used in metallurgical, gas, paper, coking, pharmaceutical, food, brewing, fine chemical industry customers preferred.High degree of automation, large production capacity, can be operated under high pressure.The problems of large area and oil leakage of the long oil cylinder are solved, and the filter plates are all automatically opened at one time, and the cake unloading speed is fast.

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Overview of Ultra high pressure diaphragm filter press

The Ultra high pressure diaphragm filter press (XAMYZGFS-800-2000) is our company adopts the latest contemporary technology, information intelligent technology and the company’s technical patent results, multi-cylinder hydraulic compression, multi-head feeding, and grouped quick pull plate , So as to realize fast feed, fast split filter, fast pull plate discharge, shorten the filtration cycle, improve the separation and filtration. The filter chamber is composed of the diaphragm and the chamber filter plate, and the slurry is input into the filter chamber under the pressure of the feed pump. The solid and liquid in the slurry are separated by a filter medium (filter cloth). After the solid in the slurry forms a cake, air is passed into the diaphragm to fully squeeze the solid in the filter chamber to reduce the water content. For the filtration of viscous materials and users who require high moisture content, this machine has its unique characteristics. The contact surface of the national pressure plate, movable pressure plate, inlet and outlet pipes or flanges, etc., and the material can be selected to use stainless steel 304/316L or PP for corrosion protection according to the actual needs of customers.

High pressure diaphragm filter plates with a pressing pressure of up to 2.5MPa. By squeezing twice the filtered mud cake, the moisture content of the filter cake can be reduced to about 55%

The filter plate of the Ultra high pressure diaphragm filter press is made of reinforced polypropylene. The diaphragm is inlaid with the polypropylene plate, which is firm and reliable, not easy to fall off, and has a long service life. The fuel tank is welded with high-quality steel plate (stainless steel can be used according to customer needs), and effective surface anti-corrosion treatment is adopted. The oil pumps and hydraulic components selected for the hydraulic system are all well-known domestic and foreign brands (Shanghai Shenfu, Huadao, Beijing Huade, German Rexroth, etc.). When the whole machine is working, the hydraulic system is stable, safe and reliable, no oil leakage, and trouble-free operation Up to 5 years or more.

The main difference between the advantages and working principle of the solid-liquid separation equipment of the ultra-high pressure diaphragm high-efficiency energy-saving filter press and the current ordinary solid-liquid separation equipment is that an elastic membrane is installed between the filter plate and the filter cloth.

During the operation, when the feeding is finished, the high-pressure fluid medium can be injected between the filter plate and the diaphragm. At this time, the entire diaphragm will bulge and press the filter cake to achieve further dehydration of the filter cake, which is press filtration. The diaphragm assembly plate is formed by tightly inlaying the center plate with double-sided dovetail grooves and the diaphragms on both sides, thus forming two sealed airbags. The dovetail groove is processed by a large gantry CNC milling machine, with high precision and no air leakage. When compressed air is introduced into the airbag, the airbag expands and squeezes the filter cake in the filter chamber at a high pressure, so it can greatly increase the solid content in a short time rate.

Compared with ordinary filter press, the solid content can be increased by 10%-30%. Under normal circumstances, the moisture content of the filter cake is reduced by 7%, and the drying energy consumption is reduced by half. After filtering to a certain level, close the feed valve and change the hydraulic driving force generated by the slurry with a very low solid content to the squeezing pressure to squeeze out the remaining liquid in the filter cake. In this way, the solid content rate of the filter cake can be rapidly increased in a short time, because the cycle of the entire filtration process is shortened, the production capacity of the solid-liquid separation equipment is greatly improved, and the processing capacity is significantly increased.


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