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Quick opening filter press


Overview of Quick opening filter press

Quick opening filter press is an intermittently operated pressurized filter device, which is suitable for the solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. It has a wide application range, good separation effect, simple structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable; main applications It is used in coal washing, metallurgy and other fields, as well as in textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, papermaking, medicine, monosodium glutamate and other industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment fields that require solid-liquid separation. The quick-opening filter press is a filtering process, and the unloading method is to open multiple filter plates at a time, with high efficiency and high degree of automation. Using our patented technology, the hydraulic full hydraulic transmission has good impact resistance and overload resistance, and can realize stepless speed regulation within a certain range. Low running energy consumption, low noise, stable and reliable, especially strong adaptability to humid environment.

This series of Quick opening filter press are designed and manufactured in an integrated design of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic, and can form different filter areas and volumes according to the number of filter plates; the feeding method is both ends feeding, and the filter speed Fast, reasonable structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance, safe and reliable; it can realize automatic compression, pressure maintaining, pressure compensation, loosening, pulling plate and other processes; this machine is equipped with the company's patented product-polypropylene membrane filter The plate is used to squeeze the filter cake by changing the volume of the chamber after inflating the diaphragm filter plate to further reduce the water content of the filter cake. The diaphragm filter plate is made of elastic PTE produced in Northern Europe by molding and heat sealing, which has the international leading level. The chamber filter plate is molded of reinforced polypropylene. At the same time, the electrical components and hydraulic components are made of famous brand manufacturers, which are safe and reliable to use. The series of high-speed quick-opening membrane filter presses are ideal filtration equipment for users.

The filtering part is composed of membrane filter plates neatly arranged on the main beam, chamber filter plates and filter cloth sandwiched between them. Quick-opening filter press is made of our unique formula, with good mechanical properties and stable chemical properties. It has the characteristics of heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, light weight, smooth surface, good sealing, and easy washing. . At the beginning of filtration, the filter slurry is driven by the feed pump and enters each filter chamber through the feed port of the thrust plate. The filter slurry is separated from the solid and liquid by the pressure generated by the feed pump, due to the role of the filter medium (filter cloth) , Make the solid stay in the filter chamber to form filter cake, and the filtrate is discharged by the drain valve. If the filter cake needs to be washed, the washing water can be passed through the washing port on the thrust plate to wash the filter cake; if a filter cake with a lower moisture content is required, because it is equipped with a membrane filter plate, it can be fed on the membrane liner. Compressed air is passed into the air port to squeeze the filter cake to further reduce the moisture content of the filter cake. High pressure air can also be passed in from the feed port at the end of the thrust plate to penetrate the filter cake layer to perform intermediate air flow and extrude the filter cake. Part of the water.

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