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PP frame filter press


PP frame filter press includes two categories: plate and frame press and chamber filter press. Filter plate selectionWith enhanced modification, the working filter pressure can reach 1.2MPa, and the temperature resistance of the filter plate can reach 120℃ (the temperature resistance of the filter plate can be designed according to customer requirements, up to 150℃); hydraulic device is used as a compression and loose filter The power mechanism of the plate has a maximum pressing pressure of 25 MPa, and can realize automatic pressure holding; it adopts PLC program control, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable. Graphite modified reinforced polypropylene composite material filter plate filter press was recognized as a high-tech product.

PP frame filter press / polypropylene plate and frame filter press / polypropylene chamber filter press application field

Widely used in petrochemical, non-ferrous metallurgy, foodPharmaceuticals, textile printing and dyeing, fine chemicals, coal preparationSolid-liquid separation in industries such as mineral processing and waste-to-energy.

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