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Polypropylene Plate Filter Press

Stable structure
High mechanical strength
Convenient operation and maintenance

The filter plate has high strength, long service life, good sealing performance, wide application range and strong adaptability.Reduce water content, improve separation efficiency, save energy and reduce consumption.Special flow channel design, high pressure strength and good air tightness under compression condition.The filtration rate is increased by 20% and the solid content of filter cake can be increased by 2 times.

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Main Performance

By virtue of scientific and reasonable design, the enhanced polypropylene plate chamber filter press features high mechanical strength, stable structure, structural durability and convenient operation and maintenance.

Polypropylene plate:

(a) Glass fiber is added in the enhanced polypropylene plate subject to the perfected polypropylene formula, by which, the polypropylene plate is provided better properties, such as stable chemical property, good corrosion resistance, toxic free, odor free, light weigh, large strength, good toughness, low labor strength for manual discharging and structural durability. Filter plate cavity is in proper design, dot-type conical boss and channel design are adopted, professional and precise research and design are conducted on size and angle of boss, achieving rapid flow speed and short filter period, and further improving the working efficiency of filter press.

(b) The draining tank on filter plate is deepened, making the materials delivered in an unblocked mode, which facilitates the installation and removal of filter cloth, improves the filtering speed, shortens the production period, increases the production times, and enlarges the effective filtering capacity, as well as increases the thickness of filter cake to 30mm and improves the capacity significantly.

(c) The filter cake has a low water content. Once the filter plates are pulled aside, the filter cake will fall down under the effect of its weight from the filter cloth automatically without any external force.

Polypropylene chamber filter press application field:

Widely used in petrochemical, non-ferrous metallurgy, foodPharmaceuticals, textile printing and dyeing, fine chemicals, coal preparationSolid-liquid separation in industries such as mineral processing and waste-to-energy.

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