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Polypropylene filter plate


Overview of polypropylene filter plate

Sudong filter press filter plate is a combination of different separation media and different placesExtensive design based on management conditions, and also for industry applicationsWith special formulas, special runners, special structures, special specificationsDesign with filter plate structure.

The polypropylene membrane filter plate is composed of two diaphragms and a core plate.Heat-sealed, forming an extrusion chamber (hollow) between the diaphragm and the core platePass the external medium (water or compressed air, etc.) into the core board andIn the cavity between the diaphragms, the diaphragm is swollen toThe filter cake is compressed to achieve secondary extrusion and dehydration of the filter cake. DiaphragmUse high-quality TPE elastomers for modification to make it have high strength,High resilience and high temperature and high pressure resistance; working filtration pressure can reach1.2MPa, the pressing pressure can reach 2.5MPa, the filter plate adopts specialThe flow channel design increases the filtration speed by about 20%, and the filter cake containsThe water rate is lower.

Polypropylene filter plate uses TPE elastomer and alkali-free glass fiber polypropylene materialThe material is enhanced and modified to make the filter plate have strong toughness and rigidity,Improve filter plate compression and sealing performance, corrosion resistance; temperature resistanceThe temperature can reach 150℃, the pressure resistance can reach 2.0MPa; the filter plate adopts specialSpecial flow channel design, fast filtration speed, so that there is fast water flow and extractionThe service life of the high filter plate, in which the graphite modified reinforced polypropylene compositeThe composite materials and filter plates have obtained 2 national invention patents.



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