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  • Two types of filter cloth design for Sudong filter presses improve operational safety and environmental performance

    Sudong Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a long-established filter press manufacturer and research company with rich industry experience. In view of the phenomenon that some materials will volatilize toxic and harmful gases when filtering, which will harm the health of operators and pollute the environment, it has launched The following two filter cloths solve this environmental problem.

  • Sudong filter press pull plate system upgrade and transformation liberate manpower and improve effect!

    Many manufacturers in the sewage treatment industry have problems with outdated equipment and outdated equipment, resulting in high labor intensity and unsatisfactory treatment effects. Therefore, equipment needs to be replaced or upgraded. Many manufacturers choose to use automatic filter presses.

  • Improvement of the bending direction of the feeding hose of the quick-opening diaphragm filter press

    In the working state of the filter press, the suspension will definitely occur. If the sales promotion is not in place when it is suspended, it will have a serious impact on subsequent work. Through observation and analysis during the operation of the machine, it is found that this phenomenon occurs because the feed tube of the quick-opening diaphragm filter press uses a steel ring rubber tube. Under the action of pressure filtration, the pipeline itself will form a reaction. The force is applied to the pressure plate, which offsets the force of the oil cylinder to a certain extent, causing the pressure plate to rebound, and the push pin is not in place when it is stopped, and the machine fails. Based on this situation, the following improvement plan is proposed: the direction of the feeding hose and protective cover of the quick-opening membrane filter press is adjusted to a certain extent, specifically, it is turned 180° on the original basis, and the clockwise bending becomes counterclockwise. bending. In this way, the reaction force in the feed pipe will not only not offset the force of the cylinder, but also strengthen the pressing operation.

  • In severe cold weather, Sudong composite rubber plate filter press is favored to solve the spraying problem

    The temperature has been kept at minus ten degrees for a period of time, and the severe cold weather in 2021 is convincing! The severe cold weather not only brought a lot of inconvenience to everyone's life, but also brought problems to the production of many Sudong customers. Many customers reported that the spraying problem under low temperature conditions was a headache!

  • Sudong high-pressure diaphragm filter press has excellent application effects in multiple industries

    Sudong Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional filter press manufacturer. Its diaphragm filter press, composite rubber plate chamber filter press, reinforced polypropylene filter press and high pressure diaphragm filter press are favored by the market and customers , Especially the high-pressure diaphragm filter press, the company has recently received a lot of orders for this equipment, and is stepping up production to strive for early delivery.

  • Sudong company designs various filter press transformation plans for users according to market needs

    According to the current understanding of the user market of filter presses, it is found that a large number of filter press users choose the simpler one during the purchase period of the filter press, taking into account the issues of capital, labor intensity of workers and low requirements for the moisture content of the filter cake. The filter press was put into production.

  • Job responsibilities and precautions of the operator of the plate and frame filter press

    The study found that one of the main factors affecting the efficiency of the machine is the lack of work experience of the employees, their ignorance of the basic conditions and operating specifications of the machine and equipment, and the inability to operate the equipment correctly.

  • Selection of waste mud filter press equipment in geotechnical engineering

    The model of the geotechnical engineering waste mud filter press equipment is a diaphragm plate and frame filter press. If the filtration area exceeds 350m, it is advisable to adopt a double-pipe feed form, and use two alternately to achieve continuous operation; use a variable-volume filter chamber and diaphragm The filter plate adopts an integral welded structure and reinforced polypropylene material.

  • Opening and closing mechanism of filter plate of diaphragm filter press

    The fast diaphragm filter press equipment is composed of a host, a hydraulic system, an electric control system, and an auxiliary discharge mechanism. The host part includes: frame part, filter plate part, filter plate pulling mechanism, filter plate pressing mechanism. Follow Sudong Chemical to take a look at the specific filter press equipment filter plate opening and closing mechanism!

  • Sudong designs pickling wastewater treatment filter press installation plan for customers according to local conditions

    Sudong Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. has a wealth of equipment installation experience, and can design installation plans according to the actual environment of the customer's site to meet different customer needs.

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