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Municipal sewage filter press


1. The harm of urban domestic sewage

Domestic sewage, industrial waste water and runoff sewage within urban areas. Generally, it is collected by urban pipes and channels and should be discharged into the water body after being processed by the urban sewage treatment plant. In addition to the large amount of organic matter, germs, and viruses in urban sewage, due to the high development of industry, the amount of industrial wastewater (about 60-80% of the total urban sewage) has become increasingly complex and the pollution of runoff sewage has become increasingly serious, making urban sewage Contains various toxic and harmful pollutants of various types and levels.

2. Application of Municipal Sewage Filter Press

The membrane filter press can be used to process the sludge to a moisture content of 60%. The sludge with a moisture content below 60% is solid, does not produce leachate, and can be directly sent to the landfill. Breaking through the "viscous phase zone" of sludge makes the sludge better dispersible, laying a foundation for the harmless disposal and resource utilization of sludge.

After the moisture content of the sludge is reduced to 60%, if composting is carried out, the fermentation cycle can be reduced by half and economic benefits will be increased. The dry sludge cake can also be used to make solid fuels, which can be incinerated after blending to recover energy, or used as auxiliary materials for making bricks and cement. The sludge production is reduced by more than 50%, which improves the level of sludge reduction and reduces the difficulty of transportation. Save transportation costs.

3. Advantages of municipal sewage filter press

In view of the high water content of the sludge cake filtered by the traditional reinforced polypropylene plate filter press, according to the characteristics of the sludge, Sudong has researched and developed a special filter press for deep dewatering of sludge. This series of filter press adopts imported high-molecular TPE elastomer formula to produce high-pressure diaphragm filter plates, and the pressing force can reach 3MPa. By squeezing the filtered mud cake twice, the moisture content of the filter cake can be reduced to about 55%. Under the premise of economy, safety and environmental protection, the centralized disposal and resource utilization of sludge are realized, and the "reduction, harmlessness, stabilization and resource utilization" of sludge have been realized.

Advantages of Municipal sewage filter press

The investment and operating costs of sludge treatment account for 25%-65% of the investment and operating costs of the entire sewage plant, which has become a heavy burden faced by urban sewage treatment plants. The general sludge volume reduction treatment accounts for 60% of the total sludge investment. %, and the most important thing in sludge volume reduction is sludge dewatering. The current use of Sudong filter press is an economical and environmentally friendly dewatering method, which is of great significance for sludge treatment and disposal.

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