Lime Silo


  Usually, the lime silo is required to be quantified at fixed time and high stability. The lime silo has a cylindrical structure, and the bottom is supported by four round pipe legs to support the entire silo body. The entire silo is in the form of steel structure and welded; the top is equipped with a dust collector and a pressure safety valve. When the lime silo is loading, turn on the dust collector button at the top to effectively load the material while preventing dust from overflowing, and eliminate the source of pollution. During the loading process, press the arch breaking button to prevent the solid lime material below from causing arched airflow; the loading is complete, Close the loading port, close the dust removal device, double-click the arch breaking device, check whether the remote PLC monitors the material level to see if it is normal, adjust the powder scale meter, and start unloading.

Lime silos are mainly used in the chemical industry, power plant dust removal and desulfurization, smelting, electroplating, and pickling industries.

Features of lime silos:

1. Automatic dust collection when feeding;

2,Lime siloMaterial level display;

3. Arch breaking and dehumidification design;

4. Mechanical vibration loose material;

5. Quantitative discharge;

6. Mechanical stirring and emulsification;

7. Dosing of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant chemical pumps;

8. Automatic pump body and pipeline flushing system;

9. System PLC program control.

Detailed description of lime silo products:

1. Lime silo Lime silo is a sealed container for storing powdered lime, which is composed of lime silo body, level gauge, feed pipe, dust removal device, arch breaking and dehumidification, internal and external ladders, manholes, etc. The amount of powder in the lime silo is displayed by the level meter; when it is low, the PLC electrical control cabinet displays a lack of material, reminding the water treatment staff to prepare materials in time. And feed material into the bin through the feed pipe. When the powder material in the bin is full during the feeding process, the high position is displayed to remind the staff that the material in the bin is full. Dust is easy to generate during the feeding process, which will affect the surrounding environment and the operating conditions of the employees. It is necessary to turn on the dust removal device during feeding to collect and coalesce the generated dust and return it to the lime silo.

2. Balance water tank The balance water tank is an automatic water supply tank, composed of a tank body, a liquid level float valve, a liquid level gauge, and a liquid level controller.

3. Lime milk dissolving tank The lime milk dissolving tank is composed of a tank and a mixer; the lime powder material enters the tank and the tap water is directly stirred and dissolved by the mixer to a certain concentration of lime emulsion.

4. The lime emulsion in the lime milk mixing box of the dosing pump is put to the point of use by the dosing pump. The dosing pump is generally a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant chemical pump.

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