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Intelligent flushing and conveying diaphragm filter press

Automatic intelligent program control
overtemperature alarm
remote control
Provide optimized anti-corrosion measures
Provide a variety of effective coating solutions

Automatic Filter Press has high strength, long service life, good sealing performance and low maintenance cost.System integrated control, high degree of automation.It adopts the integrated design of mechanism, electricity and hydraulic.Equipped with flap liquid device, filter cloth automatic cleaning device.Configuration of sludge cake collection device and sludge conveying equipment.

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Intelligent flushing and conveying diaphragm filter press (XAMYZGFS-50-200㎡ type) combines all the features of conventional filter presses in one. It is a fully automatic equipment with fast feeding and fast pulling and unloading. The active plate is pulled by the mechanical hand, and then several passive plates are driven by the chain to realize multiple openings at one time; the quick-opening type is composed of a movable oil cylinder and two movable pressure plates. A movable pressure plate is added to the filter plate, and the adjacent filters are connected by a chain. The manipulator controls the forward and backward movement of the intermediate movable platen, so that the filter plate is opened three times, and finally the material is discharged quickly.

The high-efficiency and energy-saving filter press is mainly suitable for materials that are easily dehydrated, with stable performance, high working efficiency and low operating costs. With automatic high-pressure diaphragm pressing, automatic cleaning of filter cloth, automatic liquid collecting and turning plate, multi-end feeding, grouping pull plate, automatic valve opening and closing, automatic start and stop pump, various pressure detection, temperature detection, safety light curtain protection, overpressure , Over-temperature alarm, remote monitoring and other advantages. It has the characteristics of high degree of automation, high safety factor and high work efficiency, and finally realizes fully automatic intelligent program control. Users can configure according to their needs.

The metal parts of the whole machine are subjected to high-speed centrifugal sandblasting on the surface, descaling, rust removal, dust removal and dehumidification. And according to the customer's use environment to provide optimized anti-corrosion measures. The main anti-corrosion measures adopted are: surface anti-rust plus coated stainless steel anti-corrosion; glass fiber epoxy resin or vinyl resin resin coated anti-corrosion or epoxy mica primer, directly acrylic polyurethane environmentally friendly paint anti-corrosion, to ensure the paint Adhesion, environmental protection and anti-corrosion grade of filter press. Colors provide a variety of effective coating schemes according to customer preferences.


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