High pressure diaphragm filter press


High pressure diaphragm filter press (XAMYZGF-1000/1500) is widely used in the treatment of fine chemicals, food and medicine, coating wastewater and other industries. High pressure diaphragm filter press is a solid-liquid separation equipment integrating machine, electricity and liquid. It is mainly composed of frame, filter, hydraulic pressure, unloading and electrical control. The major feature of the diaphragm filter press is that it can perform secondary drying and pressing of the filter cake. The special design of its filter chamber allows it to automatically close the feed valve after the filter chamber is filled with the filter cake, and inject gas or gas into the filter chamber. The liquid makes the filter cloth swell and deform, so as to achieve the effect of secondary pressing on the filter cake and further reduce the moisture.

Our company's High pressure diaphragm filter press product has a unique production process formula and various technical indicators are at the leading domestic level. Continuously integrate modern informatization, intelligence, advanced manufacturing technology, new materials, and new process application innovations to realize the integration of hydraulics, mechanical automation, informatization, intelligence, remote and interface control. According to customer needs, we can provide customers with manual compression, mechanical compression and hydraulic compression, automatic, semi-automatic, PLC program control, DCS remote control, HMI man-machine interface and other operation methods, as well as open flow or undercurrent, filtration, washing , Selection of multiple functions such as pressing, automatic turning and collecting liquid, automatic mud storage, filtering pressure 0.2~2.0MPa, high temperature resistance, high pressure and so on.

The working principle of High pressure diaphragm filter press is as follows:

1. The frame is the foundation of the whole set of equipment. It is mainly used to support the filter mechanism. It is composed of a thrust plate, a compression plate, a base, a cylinder block and a main beam. When the equipment is running, the piston rod on the cylinder block pushes the compression plate to compress the diaphragm plate, filter plate and filter cloth between the compression plate and the thrust plate to ensure that the pressurized filter slurry is carried out in the filter chamber. Pressure filtration.

2. The filtering part is composed of membrane filter plates neatly arranged on the main beam, chamber filter plates and filter cloth sandwiched between them. At the beginning of filtration, the filter slurry is driven by the feed pump and enters each filter chamber through the feed port of the thrust plate. The filter slurry is separated from the solid and liquid by the pressure generated by the feed pump, due to the role of the filter medium (filter cloth) , Make the solid stay in the filter chamber to form filter cake, and the filtrate is discharged by the drain valve.

3. The hydraulic part is the power device for the main engine to complete the pressing and releasing actions. Under the action of the electrical control system, a series of work of the system is completed through the oil cylinder, oil pump and hydraulic components: when the system is compressed, each filter is The chamber is sealed for filtering; on the contrary, when loosened, it is used for unloading.

4. The unloading mechanism is mainly composed of two geared motors, drive shafts, sprockets, chains and other components. When the pressure plate is loosened, the motor at the support seat is started, the cylinder seat and the pressure plate are pulled through the sprocket and chain, and the filter plate is pulled apart, and the motor at the thrust plate starts, driving the partition to open the second part The filter plate is reversed through the signal transmission in the electric control cabinet, and the partition is driven to pull the remaining filter plates, so that a discharge process is completed.

5. The electrical control part is the control center of the entire system. It is mainly composed of electric control cabinets, circuit breakers, air switches, contactors, intermediate relays, PLC (programmable controller), travel switches, proximity switches and TD200 text displays, etc. , It can automatically control the entire filter press cycle.


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