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Compounded Rubber Plate Filter Press

High mechanical strength
Rapid filtering speed
Long use life

Compounded Rubber Plate Filter Pressintroduce:

Chloroprene rubber (DuPont / Chongqing Changshou) was used as the rubber sheet. After mixing and modification, the rubber sheet was vulcanized with steel framework under high pressure. The filter plate has good sealing performance, the working filtration pressure can reach 1.2MPa, the moisture content of mud cake is low, and the on-site operation environment is good; the filter plate has high strength, long service life, and the temperature resistance of the filter plate can reach 120 ℃; the steel skeleton can be reused for many times, and the comprehensive maintenance cost is low. Using PLC program control, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Rubber Plate Filter PressPerformance:

By virtue of scientific and reasonable design, the compounded rubber plate membrane filter press features high mechanical strength, stable structure, structural durability and convenient operation and maintenance.

Advanced process and formula are adopted for filter plates, making them a reasonable structure, which features high strength, rapid filtering speed, multiple functions, strong corrosion resistance, excellent sealing performance and long use life.

Application of rubber plate filter press:

It is widely used in solid-liquid separation in petrochemical industry, nonferrous metallurgy, textile printing and dyeing, fine chemical industry, coal preparation and mineral processing industry.

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