Composite rubber plate diaphragm filter press


The Composite rubber plate diaphragm filter press (FBXY-YZ-1070/2000 series) produced by our company has a wide application range, high solid-liquid separation efficiency, low water content of the filter cake, large processing capacity, stable structure, long service life, and It has been well received by customers at home and abroad. This series of filter press is mainly composed of a frame, a compression device, a hydraulic station, a filter system, a pull plate device and a control system. According to the filter characteristics of the filter slurry, the special structure is designed to meet its high-quality, long-life, high-tempo, and fast filtration and separation requirements. It is refined with advanced and specific process formulas to give the filter plate high strength, fast filtration speed and functionality. Strong, corrosion-resistant, good sealing performance, long service life, etc.

The composite rubber diaphragm press filter plate is the latest achievement of our company's research and development, and won the national patent (ZL2014201997145). There are two types of composite rubber diaphragm filter plates, one is a combined single diaphragm filter plate, and the other is an integral composite rubber diaphragm filter plate.

The integral composite rubber diaphragm filter plate is made of high-quality natural rubber, neoprene (famous brands such as DuPont, Chongqing Shouguang, etc.) and a steel frame, and the steel frame is made of high-quality steel plate and round steel (Q345A, Baosteel, Nangang, etc.) ) Reinforced and welded. In the manufacturing process, advanced modified and reinforced composite technology and formulas are used to mix and modify the neoprene to improve the physical and chemical properties of the rubber. The skeleton has undergone complex surface treatment and vulcanization composite technology to make the rubber It is firmly bonded to the skeleton. The filter plate diaphragm has the characteristics of high quality, good elasticity, stronger low temperature sealing, good pressing effect, high strength, multiple functions, and wider application range. The design service life is more than 5 years and can be repeated multiple times. Glue recycling.

The combined diaphragm filter plate is made of high-quality natural rubber, neoprene modified diaphragm and high-quality steel plate as the framework core plate and stainless steel fasteners. It has good sealing performance and can be squeezed. It is widely used in metallurgy and steel wastewater treatment.

Main technical features of the product

1. Rack: The design life is more than 15 years (safety factor is 2.3), the open horizontal bridge structure design is adopted, and the new structure design concept of high strength, stability, deformation resistance and recoverability is emphasized.

The frame movable pressing plate, fixed pressing plate, and cylinder seat materials are all made of high-quality steel plate material of Q345A and carbon dioxide protection welding, and the girder is made of solid bridge steel plates (suppliers Baosteel, Nangang, Shagang).

The metal parts of the whole machine are subjected to high-speed centrifugal sandblasting on the surface, descaling, rust removal, dust removal and dehumidification. And according to the customer's use environment to provide optimized anti-corrosion measures. The main anti-corrosion measures adopted are: surface anti-rust plus coated stainless steel anti-corrosion; glass fiber epoxy resin or vinyl resin resin coated anti-corrosion or epoxy mica primer, directly acrylic polyurethane environmentally friendly paint anti-corrosion, to ensure the paint Adhesion, environmental protection and anti-corrosion grade of filter press. Colors provide a variety of effective coating schemes according to customer preferences.

The contact surface of the fixed pressure plate, movable pressure plate, inlet and outlet pipes or flanges, etc., and the material are selected to use stainless steel 304/316L or PP for corrosion protection according to the actual needs of customers.

The frame has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, stable structure, durability, good rigidity, and easy operation and maintenance.

According to the model, the single-cylinder or parallel-bar hydraulic compression method is adopted to ensure that the compression system runs more smoothly and the compression force is large, which can ensure that after the filter plate is compressed, there is no spray phenomenon at the filter plate seal when the normal filter pressure is fed. Hydraulic system components such as pistons, piston rods, cylinders and other sealing components adopt a more advanced, safe and reliable structure, and the surface of the piston rod is treated with hard chrome plating.

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