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Biochemical sludge filter press treatment system


1. The harm of biochemical sludge

The rapid economic development has caused a rapid increase in the discharge of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater. After the sewage is processed by the sewage treatment plant, a large number of by-products-sludge are produced. The composition of sludge is complex, containing pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs, toxic and harmful heavy metals, and a large number of refractory substances. If not handled properly, it is easy to cause secondary pollution to the environment.

2. Filter press treatment of biochemical sludge

The biochemical sludge can be processed by water filter presses, dryers and other equipment through a scientific and reasonable process, and the biochemical sludge that was originally a pollutant can be made into usable fuel, which saves energy and is environmentally friendly. A treatment method that is worth promoting and has important significance.

3. Application of Biochemical Sludge Filter Press Treatment System

The biochemical sludge filter press treatment system designed by Sudong for wastewater treatment plant customers

Take a customer in a sewage plant in Sudong as an example. The customer did not use domestic equipment in the initial stage, but all imported equipment. He has used belt filters, screw filters, etc., but failed to achieve the ideal sludge water content. Affected by this, the environmental protection department has repeatedly criticized and rectified within a time limit.

Sudong contracted the design and manufacture of the plant's sludge treatment system. According to the actual needs of customers, the core of the sludge treatment system designed by Sudong is 4 sets of membrane press filter presses, of which 1 sets for processing physical and chemical mud, 3 sets for biological mud, and discharges the pretreated terminal wastewater from the sewage treatment plant into the pressure. The conditioning tank of the filtration production line enters the filter press after dosing, flocculation, and agitation for filtration and squeezing treatment. The daily treatment is about 400 tons of sewage with a solid content of 5-8%, forming 30 tons of mud cake with a water content of less than 60%. Around the time, the discharged filtered water and mud cakes, after two months of follow-up testing by the Environmental Protection Department of Jiangsu Province, all met the environmental protection requirements.

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