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You have to know the fatigue performance of filter press

If the filter press works for too long, there will be some fatigue performance. By observing whether there is fatigue performance, you can know whether the filter press reaches the working limit. In the process of use, try to avoid the filter press reaching the working limit, so you must know the fatigue performance of these filter presses. Today Su Dong sorted out this part and shared it with everyone.

When the hydraulic system of the filter press is working, if it is in a state of fatigue, the following situations will mainly occur.

1. The temperature of the whole part of the hydraulic system will be relatively high;

2. The hydraulic system is not very powerful. Some measures must be taken at this time. For example, let the equipment rest for a while. Or stop for a while, inject more hydraulic oil or replace the hydraulic oil to cool the hydraulic oil at a high temperature; when the hydraulic oil is slightly cooled, the temperature of the piston seal ring in the hydraulic device will easily return to normal. In this way, the sealing performance can be guaranteed, which can also prevent the piston from leaking oil due to the lack of sealing. If this happens, the power will not be very strong.

In addition, when the filter press works continuously for a long time, the fatigue state will also be manifested in the electrical wiring of the equipment. When the temperature of some circuits is found to be high, it largely indicates that the filter press equipment has been overloaded. The situation worked.

Excessive work of the filter press will cause the above fatigue performance, which will accelerate the depreciation of the equipment. On the surface, continuous work will bring higher work efficiency. In fact, the service life of the equipment is shortened, and the gain is not worth the loss. Therefore, when you are using the filter press, do not run the equipment for a long time. It is best to let the equipment work for a period of time and take a moderate rest before putting it into operation.


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