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Wide application of filter press in domestic wastewater treatment

With the gradual improvement of people's living standards, the generated domestic wastewater has also greatly increased. As people's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, domestic sewage from households, businesses, urban public facilities and industries will be treated in a centralized manner.

However, due to the increase in the output of domestic sewage, the pollution is high. For a long time, the activated sludge method is generally used for its treatment, which has high processing capacity and good filtered water quality, but there are also many problems, such as high infrastructure costs, high operating costs, high energy consumption, complex management, and sludge expansion. , Sludge floating and other issues. According to the domestic status of domestic sewage treatment, Sudong has developed a complete set of sewage sludge treatment technology in combination with sewage sludge treatment equipment such as filter presses.

After the original domestic sewage and sludge are tempered with chemical reagents, they are sent to the filter press and filtered to obtain a filter cake. The sludge treated by the filter press will be press-filtered from 98% to a filter cake with a water content of less than 50%. After 24 hours of natural weathering, the water content can be reduced to below 40%. The sludge filter cake after filter press will not produce foul smell, is stable and is not easy to cause secondary pollution, and the mortality rate of pathogens originally contained in it reaches more than 95. Compared with traditional sludge treatment technology, filter press sludge can not only reduce the volume of sludge by more than 50%, but also has a high solid content rate. The difficulty and cost of sludge treatment are greatly reduced. It is sustainable and exemplary effect.

With the increasing application of filter press in the treatment of domestic sewage and sludge, the technology of the filter press is constantly improving, making its filter press effect higher and higher, and the resulting filter cake contains solids. The volume is constantly increasing. The sludge treated by the filter press has basically the same calorific value, and can be used as a low calorific value fuel, the filtrate is clear, and the final resource recovery rate is quite high, which can take into account social, environmental and economic benefits at the same time.


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