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What problems are easy to ignore when using a filter press

The operation of the filter press is not complicated, but the correct method must be followed to achieve a satisfactory filtering effect. In the process of communicating with many customers, Sudong Chemical found that customers made mistakes on several easily overlooked issues, so I sorted them out and shared them with you today.

1. Be careful not to use the filter press when the number of filter plates is less than the specified number. This is to avoid damage to the parts. Before adding the filtrate, pay attention to the arrangement of the filter plates to prevent serious leakage; and after unloading the cake, the filter plates must be tightly arranged and arranged neatly.

2. Feeding operation can only be carried out after the filter press is debugged normally, and the equipment should be comprehensively checked before each shift. Add enough lubricating oil to the mechanical compression transmission parts and the reduction box; recheck the oil tank storage capacity and hydraulic station working pressure for hydraulic compression. Note that the hydraulic oil needs to be changed once a year under normal circumstances. If there is less hydraulic oil in the middle, add it in time. When replacing the hydraulic oil, pay attention to the comprehensive cleaning of the hydraulic system. The working pressure of the hydraulic station is less than the maximum working pressure of the cylinder, but at least not less than the rated value of the filter pressure, because too small will cause greater leakage, and too large will damage the machine Pieces.

3. During operation, the filter plate can be compressed and filtered after everything is normal. The pressure and filter temperature during filtration must be within the specified range, too high will cause leakage, if the temperature is too high, it will easily cause the plastic filter plate to deform In the case of feeding, the concentration of the suspension should be uniform. Do not mix with impurities; after unloading the cake, the filter cloth and filter plate must be rinsed, and there should be no residues sticking to the sealing surface or the feeding channel, otherwise it will affect the smooth flow of the feed and the sealing of the filter plate, which will cause the filter plate The pressure on both sides is unbalanced, resulting in deformation and damage of the filter plate.

4. The selection of filter cloth must meet the technical requirements of filtrate filtration. The new filter cloth should be shrunk before installation. The opening diameter should be smaller than the filter plate aperture. When the filter plate is matched, the cloth hole and the plate hole should be relatively concentric, and the feed hole The cloth tape should be close to the wall of the cylinder, otherwise it will cause unclear filtration, low filtration rate, and rupture of the cloth cylinder, which will not achieve the expected filtering purpose.

The four problems mentioned above are easily overlooked by everyone, and they are also the most common mistakes made by everyone. The purpose of Sudong Chemical's sorting out is to hope that everyone can avoid these errors as much as possible in future operations and ensure the normal use of the filter press.


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