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What caused the damage to the plate and frame filter press itself?

we all knowPlate and frame filter pressIt consists of five parts: filter plate, hydraulic system, filter press frame, filter plate transmission system and electrical system. Before, everyone has learned a lot about filter plates, hydraulics and electrical systems from Su Dong’s article. Do you know the problem of the plate and frame filter press itself? When you use the plate and frame filter press, operating errors or unreasonable maintenance will cause damage to the plate and frame itself. The following Sudong Chemical will answer you in detail:

Reason for damage:

1. When the sludge is too thick or dry blocks are left, it will cause the blockage of the feed port. At this time, there is no medium between the filter plates and only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself. At this time, the plates themselves are very easy to be pressed for a long time. Cause damage.

2. Insufficient material supply or improper solid particles in the material supply will also cause the frame itself to be stressed and damaged.

3. If the outlet is blocked by solids or the feed valve or outlet valve is closed when starting, the pressure will not leak anywhere, which may cause damage.

4. When the filter plate is not cleaned, sometimes the medium will leak out. Once the filter plate is leaked out, the edge of the plate frame will be washed out one by one small trenches. The large amount of medium leakage will cause the pressure to be unable to rise and the mud cake to form. .

elimination method:

1. Use a nylon cleaning scraper to remove the mud from the feed inlet.

2. After finishing this cycle, reduce the volume of the filter plate.

3. Check the filter cloth, clean the drain, check the outlet, open the corresponding valve to release the pressure.

4. Do a good job of daily cleaning the filter plate.

In summary, the damage of the plate and frame filter press itself is caused by abnormal pressure. These reasons are often caused by operating errors when you use it. Therefore, you must pay special attention to the actual use of the problem and solve the problem early. , So as not to affect the operation and safety of other systems.


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