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Water pollution in rural areas is valued

With the continuous advancement and improvement of environmental protection laws, filter presses have attracted much attention as excellent environmental protection water treatment equipment. In the existing enterprise data, Sudong Chemical's analysis has reached a conclusion: the problem of rural water environmental pollution is being paid attention to, and the demand for filter press equipment in this field has increased significantly.

The pollution of rural water environment cannot be ignored either. On the one hand, the rural environmental management system and mechanism are not sound, and there are no specialized environmental protection agencies in towns and townships. It is difficult to take into account rural environmental protection issues with multiple points, wide areas, and large quantities; on the other hand, rural environmental protection awareness is weak, and pollution control investment is insufficient. Sewage is directly discharged into the external environment without treatment, and \"white pollution\" causes secondary pollution in rural waters. The rapid development of new industries and the acceleration of urbanization have led to a rapid increase in the population of many rural areas, and environmental protection infrastructure has been unable to fundamentally meet the needs of social and economic development.

Water is the lifeblood of urban development and even economic development. Therefore, in addition to building a complete sewage treatment system, increasing equipment investment, and strengthening supervision, everyone should start by themselves and participate in the construction of water ecology and environmental protection.


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