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Three filter presses are exported to Guangdong and Sudong's quality is recognized again

A few days ago, Sudong Chemical successfully signed a friendly cooperation agreement with Guangdong customers. The content of the order is three models of XMYZ120/1070 reinforced polypropylene board.Filter press, The delivery was successfully completed on September 17.

In the process of communicating with customers in Guangdong, we learned that customers are more concerned about the anti-corrosion performance of filter presses. Professional technicians from Sudong recommended this reinforced polypropylene plate filter press to customers. The filter plate is enhanced Polypropylene filter plate, the filter surface adopts the point-shaped conical boss design, and it is molded by molding. The filter area is large, the filter speed is fast, and the filter cycle is short, which greatly improves the work efficiency and economic benefits. More importantly, the company also focused on the anti-corrosion ability of the filter press in the design and manufacturing process according to user needs, and equipped various highly corrosive polypropylene trays and launders to truly achieve high temperature resistance and high corrosion resistance. And the effect of high pressure resistance, customers are full of praise.

Guangdong customers ordering three filter presses at one time is undoubtedly a high affirmation of Sudong's quality. In the future development process, Sudong will continue to pursue a higher technical level, and use excellent filter press products to return new and old customers. Welcome Come to discuss and cooperate.


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