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The wrinkle problem of filter cloth of filter press should be dealt with in time

In the filtering work of the filter press, the filter cloth, as an important part of the filter press, has a great influence on the normal progress of the filtering work. If the filter cloth is damaged, folded or wrinkled during the working process, it will affect the filtration efficiency of the equipment and need to be solved in time. Sudong Chemical reminds users to pay attention to this problem.

The wrinkle phenomenon of the filter cloth is usually caused by incorrect alignment. Insufficient tension may also cause the filter cloth to wrinkle. Although the filter is equipped with a weighted rotating wheel to tighten the filter cloth, the wheel also needs to be heavier. . The roller slider has notches for weighting.

Sometimes solids deposited on the filter cloth roller or sliding adjustment block will cause the filter cloth to be misaligned and wrinkled. When this happens, the filter should be stopped first, and the roller and sliding adjustment block should be thoroughly cleaned. Start the drive, readjust the filter cloth for alignment and tensioning. Then carefully observe the accumulation of solids during normal operation of the filter. If necessary, increase the amount of rinse water to rinse off the remaining solids.

Remind everyone that in the process of solving the problem of filter cloth, it is necessary to keep the filter cloth in the center and without wrinkles. Only in this way can the solid-liquid separation work be completed smoothly and the proper equipment treatment effect can be exerted.


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