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The wear resistance of the two important parts of the filter press

For the filter press, as the use time accumulates, it is unavoidable that there will be wear and tear. Therefore, for some important parts of the parts, we must pay attention to the age of wear when buying. After understanding, we can pay attention to the use status of each component and replace it at an appropriate time. Now, let's follow Sudong Chemical to take a look at the wear resistance of two important parts. copyright by

Wear resistance of filter plate

The filter plate of the filter press will gradually become brittle during a long period of use, so the more brittle, the easier it will become. Therefore, for the filter press, the filter plate must be replaced after a period of use. These are all due to the first aging and wear of the filter plate of the filter press. The main reason that the filter plate is easy to become brittle and wear is that it is often in direct contact with the filtrate, so it is the easiest to retire first.

Wear resistance of hydraulic system

In the entire equipment of the filter press, the hydraulic system is the most demanding and the most precise. Because this is the power source of the filter press. With the use of filter press equipment, even if the equipment is manufactured with precision when it leaves the factory, it will wear out after a period of use. When these main parts of the equipment wear out, it is often easy to cause the high precision of the system. Degree failure. If it reaches a certain level, it will cause the system to fail to work normally. Next, there may be hydraulic oil leakage, or the pressure of the hydraulic system may not be standard enough. At this time, professional maintenance is necessary. Personnel repair it. Generally, the wear and tear of a hydraulic system is about 4 years.

After understanding the wear resistance of these parts of the filter press, in the daily operation and maintenance process, we must periodically check these parts according to the situation to confirm whether they have good wear resistance. To further ensure the use of the filter press.


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