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The technical status and improvement space of my country's filter press industry

With the acceleration of my country’s industrialization process and the rapid development of science and technology, it has further promoted the technological progress of many industries. Among them, the technological progress of the filter press industry is particularly obvious. Today, Su Dong will give everyone a popularization. machineThe current technology status of the industry and the room for improvement in the future.

People in the industry should know that the filter press was previously imported from abroad. With the continuous improvement of my country's filter press equipment technology and the improvement of the related equipment supply chain, my country has currently and basically realized the independent research and development and independent manufacturing of filter press equipment. And in terms of performance, the gap with similar foreign equipment is constantly narrowing. However, in terms of demand for some high-end industries, domestic filter presses still have more room for improvement. High-end industries will surely develop in the future, and demand will increase further.

For the production needs of general enterprises, the independently developed and produced filter presses in my country are sufficient to meet the production needs of most enterprises. However, compared with some foreign enterprises, domestic enterprises still have a certain gap in management and technology. Because of the rapid development of modern industry, for some high-end markets, many companies in my country cannot meet these high-precision and high-strength requirements technically because they started relatively late, such as the performance, work intensity, and use of plate and frame filter presses. Time is waiting. On the one hand, these are related to the design of filter press companies. In addition, the quality of the supply of related supporting parts often fails to keep up with the requirements of those high-end equipment, which limits the development of filter presses to a certain extent. Because it may be that for an enterprise, although its own R&D technology is very strong, but because the local related supply chain cannot keep up, some parts need to be purchased from abroad, which to some extent limits the hands and feet of those enterprises with strong technical strength .

In some technical aspects, Chinese filter press companies can learn from foreign high-tech companies, or even cooperate, to improve their technical capabilities and competitiveness. At the same time, they must also pay attention to supporting local suppliers, because only in this way can they It reduces its own production costs as a whole and is also competitive in price.

At present, my country's filter press market is still thriving, and sales and technical levels are relatively stable. However, the filter press industry cannot be satisfied with this. It is necessary to increase scientific research in the technical field for the high-end market and further strengthen the industry's strength.


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