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The purchase of filter plate handle of filter press is also very important

The filter chamber of the filter press is mainly composed of multiple filter plates spliced ​​together under pressure, and a handle is also required. When looking at the overall equipment performance of the filter press, the purchase of the handle plays a decisive role and determines the efficiency of the filter press. So how should everyone choose the handle of the filter plate of the filter press correctly? Sudong Chemical Here is a detailed answer for you:

People who often use filter presses know that the handle of the filter plate increases the support point of the filter plate on the beam, and can also design the placement depth of the filter plate. More importantly, it can also drive the filter plate to work, which plays a very important role. effect. There are various handles on the market, with different materials and different structures, so be careful when considering handles.

There are two types of handles, wheeled handles and wheelless handles. Before use, check the weight of the filter plate. Generally, the weight of the filter plate is less than 20kg. The wheelless handle will be used because the filter plate is light in weight and the friction between the handle and the gauge It will be very small, so the damage to the handle will be minimized, and the handle of this filter plate can be competent. It is recommended to use wheeled handles for heavy filter plates. This is to reduce friction and greatly increase the service life and facilitate future use.

In summary, the choice of the handle is intuitive and important, and you need to be careful when choosing the handle. According to the above requirements, you can choose the appropriate filter press handle to make your work smoother, improve your work efficiency, and increase your benefits.


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