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The operation of the plate and frame filter press should be orderly

Plate and frame filter pressThe operation process needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions, including pressing the filter plate to maintain the pressure, the feed filter to maintain the pressure, the filter cake ventilation return, the loosening of the filter plate pull plate, and then the discharge, and cleaning the filter cloth. They are all very important and need to be implemented in accordance with the regulations provided by Sudong Chemical:

1. Filter plate

Press the \"program start\" button to start the oil pump to supply oil, the oil cylinder starts to work, and the filter plate is pressed tightly. When the standard upper limit pressure is 18MP-20MP, the motor automatically stops. At this time, the \"pressure holding\" light automatically lights up. The filter press enters the automatic pressure holding state.

2. Feed filter

After entering the pressure holding state, check the pipelines, open the feed valve, notify the pump position after confirming that there is no error, start the plate and frame filter press feed pump, and the material will enter the filter chamber through the feed hole for solid-liquid separation. Check whether the plate frame is muddy or slag leaking. If it is muddy, turn off the muddy tap in time. When it is confirmed that the material is full, notify the pump station to stop the filter press feed pump and close the inlet valve.

3. Ventilation of filter cake

In the pressure-holding state, the filter cake is ventilated. After a certain air pressure is given from the feed hole, part of the water in the filter cake of the plate and frame filter press is taken away. At this time, the filtrate flows into the filtrate tank from the faucet and flows to the middle tank by itself. .

4. Loosen the filter plate

Press the \"program start\" button, the oil cylinder returns, the filter plate is released, and after the oil cylinder returns to the position, the compression plate touches the sensing plug, and the return stroke ends.

5. Pull plate unloading

The plate puller will automatically pull the plate and unload the cake. The pull plate and pause of the plate puller are controlled by the push-pull rod. At this time, the unloading can be carried out smoothly. After all the materials are unloaded, attention should be paid to cleaning the plate track and the plate opening mechanism. For filter residue, the plate puller will automatically retract to one end of the cylinder and stop, and automatically compress the filter plate.

6. Filter cloth and machine

The filter residue remaining on the filter cloth after the pull plate is discharged must be cleaned up. The filter cloth should be rearranged and leveled. The filter residue in the filtrate tank should be cleaned. The filter cloth of the running faucet should be replaced for the next working cycle.

The above is about the general operating procedures of the plate and frame filter press. Everyone should operate according to the procedures when using them, so as to be orderly and reasonable to repair and maintain, and avoid random operations at will.


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