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The oil pressure of the filter press is too low? It's mostly a fault

The oil pressure is normalFilter pressAn important factor for work. If the oil pressure cannot rise during the pressing operation and the filter plate cannot be pressed tightly, the work cannot be performed normally. Then what is the reason for the insufficient oil pressure? Under normal circumstances, it can be analyzed from the following four aspects:

1. Oil leakage of piston seal in cylinder:

Since the leaking oil in the oil cylinder cannot be seen from the outside, it is difficult and complicated to judge whether the sealing ring in the oil cylinder is worn or damaged. The judgment method is to first make the oil cylinder perform a pressing action until the oil cylinder no longer advances and the oil cylinder pressure no longer rises. , Keep the pressing action, disassemble the oil return pipe from the cylinder joint, if the hydraulic oil keeps flowing out of the oil return pipe joint on the oil cylinder, since the piston has stopped moving at this time, it can be judged that the piston seal is damaged and should be replaced. The editor reminds you: This kind of situation is more complicated to replace, please repair it under the guidance of the manufacturer to avoid danger.

Second, the electromagnetic reversing valve failure:

The oil inlet and outlet pipes can be disassembled from the oil cylinder and the electromagnetic reversing valve can be pressed and released to check the internal leakage. If the internal leakage is too large, clean with kerosene or replace the sealing parts. Sometimes a small internal leakage is not enough to affect the oil pressure, but it will slow the advance and retreat speed of the oil cylinder. The push rod of the reversing valve is shortened due to long-term impact, or the contact point of the armature and the push rod is worn out, which causes the spool reversing stroke to be insufficient.

3. Insufficient oil level:

Since the hydraulic system of the automatic pressure-maintaining filter press is under high pressure for a long time, some seals will inevitably leak oil. At the same time, after the filter press is used for a period of time, a small amount of hydraulic oil will naturally evaporate and lose. When the oil level is too low, the oil pump will not be able to hit the 46# or 68# hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic oil needs to be supplemented.

Fourth, the failure of the overflow valve, the failure of insufficient oil pressure in the hydraulic system:

Insufficient oil pressure of the filter press is more than half caused by the failure of the overflow valve. If the pressure of the overflow valve is adjusted to the maximum and still cannot meet the pressure requirements of the filter press, it should be considered whether the overflow valve fails. The most effective way to judge the failure of the overflow valve is the replacement method. Replace with the same type of overflow valve for trial. If the pressure can meet the requirements after replacement, it can basically be judged as a failure of the overflow valve.

The above four factors are the main factors that cause insufficient oil pressure in the filter press. Sudong Chemical also reminds everyone that too frequent operation or long-term operation of the oil pump will cause the oil temperature to be too high, and the oil temperature will change the oil quality. Thin, oil pressure can not go up, so while eliminating mechanical failures, we must also pay attention to operating specifications.


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