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The measurement index of filter press filter effect

The filtering effect of the filter press is not only the focus of attention before equipment purchase, the filtering effect is also an important operating parameter in actual operation. How about measuring the filtering effect of a filter press? Sudong Chemical believes that the following aspects should be considered.

The filter press equipment mainly relies on filter cloth to separate the solid and liquid in the mixed liquid. The equipment only provides a suitable filter structure for the filter cloth, and the filter cloth itself has a certain size of filter holes , The diameter of these holes marks the initial interception capacity of the filter cloth, which is expressed by the mesh number of the filter cloth. Often in actual filtration, the interception capacity of the filter cloth is affected by some external influences and changes, which reflects the quality of the equipment’s filtering quality. When the filter cloth wears out or solidifies, the deeper the degree of these changes, the more the equipment The lower the interception rate of filtering, the lower the filtering quality of natural equipment. If it is more serious, the filtered liquid may also appear turbid.

From the content of the introduction, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the filter cloth has become important. Sudong Chemical has also introduced the maintenance operation of the filter cloth. Welcome to read it, and you can also interact with the staff to discuss more filter press Machine knowledge.


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