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The historical development of the application of filter press in the wine industry

The filter press was widely used in the field of industrial production in the early 18th century, and was gradually used in the field of food processing in the 20th century. Among them, in the brewing industry, the filter press showed an important function in the filtration process of beer raw material yeast. The development of scientific and technological civilization continues to progress. Sudong Chemical Industry will take you here to appreciate the historical development of filter press in the wine industry. copyright by

Germans love to drink beer, and the supply of alcohol is in short supply. In order to improve production efficiency, the local winery invented the world's first filter press, which greatly improved work efficiency. Constrained by the immaturity of the industrial development level, the filter press at that time was made of cast iron, and the filter cloth was made of ordinary cotton cloth. The wort filtration clarity was not ideal. The filter cloth needed to be replaced every time it was used. The labor intensity was high and the production environment was harsh. . Later, after many improvements, the degree of automation was improved, and the quality of the beer produced was more secure.

In the modern wine industry, as the types of beer products on the market become more and more abundant, the requirements for filter presses are also getting higher and higher. Filter press design manufacturers can only continue to innovate and develop, and understand that customers are actually The problems encountered and actively combined with the efforts of all parties to be properly resolved, so the plate and frame filter press began to play an active role, its specific treatment method is as follows: first send the water to the Gaotuo trough, through the sand filter tank, this The tank uses sand and pebbles to filter, filter bacteria in the water, and remove suspended solids in the water. Sometimes activated carbon can be used to absorb impurities in the water, which can effectively remove the odor of water. Then use the plate and frame filter press to filter and filter, and the basic impurities have been removed.

Nowadays, the market provides good development opportunities, and more and more complete filter presses are emerging. At this time, filter press companies must seize the precious opportunities to improve the performance of filter presses and broaden the application fields for the entire Contribute to the development of the industry.


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