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The future development of filter press is centered on technology

The development of filter press equipment in our country is progressing rapidly, and continuous innovation in the fields of food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields. Sudong Chemical further analyzed the future development direction and concluded that the future development is mainly environmental protection, which is the development of technology. .

In terms of research and innovation of filter press technology, the impact on the development of filter press is energy saving and environmental protection.Plate and frame filter pressIt is also a kind of environmental protection machinery and equipmentSo as to save energy and environmental protectionThe requirements will also be limited in the future market. There may be clear numerical regulations in terms of energy consumption and noise. In the end, technical means are required to achieve stricter environmental protection requirements.

The most important factor that affects the development of filter press is technology. As far as we know, the filter press manufacturing industry rarely has its own technology research and development center, and it cannot continue to innovate in technology. As the filter press is now basically fully automated, and technological innovation has also entered a stage of evolution, as long as some technologies have been announced on the market, the entire industry will rush in. Good protection has led to technological innovation in the entire industry. To provide ideal and reliable equipment.

In the future, the industry hopes to form effective protection of new technologies. On the one hand, it promotes everyone's enthusiasm for innovation, on the other hand, it is also a positive means to achieve environmental protection, and build stronger strength for domestic filter press equipment to enter the overseas market.


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