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The focus of filter press cleaning is on filter cloth

In the regular maintenance of the filter press, cleaning is essential. Sudong Chemical believes that the focus of the cleaning process is the filter cloth. Why is the filter cloth cleaning the key?

Long-term operation of the filter press will cause long-term contact between the filter cloth and the filtrate. Coupled with its work in a strong pressure environment, more and more solid particles in the filtrate are attached to the filter cloth. At the same time, the filter cloth is woven with a tight hole processing method, so that the filter cloth creates a special structure, which makes it difficult for the solid particles deep in the filter cloth to be discharged. Once these particles accumulate more, the filter cloth will be blocked. The filtering pore size of the natural filter cloth will greatly reduce the filtering speed, which leads to the low efficiency of the equipment.

Before cleaning, we need to understand the nature of the filter cloth filtrate, and then choose the corresponding cleaning method. When the filtrate is acidic, we should choose weak alkaline water to soak the filter cloth, generally soaking for 10~24 hours, then gently rub the filter cloth several times, wash it with water, and then dry it until 90% dry You can use it again. Also for acidic or neutral filtrate, we only need to change the soaking solution to weakly acidic. It is worth adding that when the filtrate is sticky, we also need to add some corresponding diluents to the foaming liquid to achieve better washing results.

Depending on the filtered liquid, we have different cleaning methods for the filter cloth, mainly to avoid incomplete cleaning. Liquid residue will cause cumulative damage to the filter cloth. As the core part of the filter press, the filter cloth has a problem. Great influence on the operation of filter press.


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