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The filter press will fail if it is not used for a long time

A customer mistakenly believed that the long-term deactivation of the filter press is a kind of protection for the equipment. This view is very wrong. According to the summary of Sudong Chemical’s technical staff, the following problems may occur in the filter press during the period of stagnation. :

After long-term stoppage of work, the hydraulic oil of the filter press will decrease or even disappear. During the long-term shutdown of the equipment, the equipment lacks daily maintenance, and no one will take care of it all the time. The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank is also in a state of stopping operation, so that there are all parts of the hydraulic system. A large amount of oil will overflow with parts that are not sealed, plus natural volatilization in the oil tank. When the filter press has not been running for a long time, the hydraulic oil will be reduced. Therefore, after the big holiday, enough hydraulic oil must be added to the oil tank.

Secondly, each flow path of the filter press is easily blocked. During normal operation, the filtrate needs to be dispersed through the water channel and guided to the corresponding filter cavity for filtration, and the liquid that will penetrate from the filter cloth is exported to the outside of the equipment through the pipeline, so in the filter press There are a large number of complicated water channels, some of them are very thin, and the liquid filtered by the equipment itself also contains a lot of solids. After a big holiday, there is enough time for the filtrate to settle in the equipment and dry, thereby blocking the water path of the equipment , So that the filter press cannot work.

Therefore, long-term stagnation is not necessarily a good thing for the filter press, but the necessary stagnation, I hope everyone will seriously carry out maintenance operations and restore its state, otherwise the life of the equipment will be greatly reduced, and the gain will not be worth the loss.


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