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The filter press needs to keep warm in winter

When the filter press is working, the main task is to filter out the water in the filtrate to the greatest extent, but in the cold winter, the water is very easy to freeze. Once it freezes, it is easy to cause The machine is damaged and there is no way for subsequent operations. Therefore, there is one more point in the precautions for operating the filter press in winter, that is, to keep the filter press warm.

If there are ice crystal particles in the filtrate, it will greatly affect the efficiency of the work. Therefore, if you want the filter press to work normally at low temperatures in winter, you need to pay attention to keeping the filter press warm in time to prevent freezing in the machine. At extremely low temperatures, some parts of the filter press are easily deformed, especially if some of the more critical parts are still working under the condition of deformation, it is easy to cause the failure of the filter press equipment, such as the deviation of the filter plate , If the machine no longer works, it is minor, and if an accident occurs, it will be a little serious. Moreover, in a low temperature environment, the slurry is easy to freeze and stick to the filter cloth. If it is not processed in time at this time, it will easily damage the filter cloth and cause the filter press to fail to continue to use.

The long-term application of filter press at low temperature will not only have a great impact on filtration efficiency, but also cause damage to the equipment itself. Therefore, Su Dong here specially summarizes the impact of low temperature on the filter press. I hope everyone will pay attention to it and try to avoid it. The filter press has been working at low temperature for a long time, so it must be kept warm in low temperature environment.


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