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The filter press needs to be maintained Sudong Chemical has a good recipe

Filter press equipment needs to be repaired and maintained regularly during use, so what should be paid attention to during maintenance? With years of production experience, Sudong Chemical has summarized the following seven aspects, hoping to provide customers with some help in the daily maintenance of the equipment.

1. The normal filter press can only be used for feeding, and the whole machine should be inspected before each shift. The mechanical compression transmission components and the reduction box must be filled with enough lubricating oil; the hydraulic compression rechecks the oil tank storage and the hydraulic station working pressure. The hydraulic oil is generally replaced once a year. The hydraulic system should be thoroughly cleaned once during the replacement, and the hydraulic station working pressure It is less than the maximum working pressure of the oil cylinder, but the minimum can not be lower than the allowable value of the filter pressure.

2. It is forbidden to start working when the number of filter plates is less than the specified number to avoid damage to the machine parts. Check the arrangement of the filter plate before feeding. The filter cloth should not be folded to prevent large leakage.

3. Slurry, lotion or compressed air valves must be activated according to the operating procedures and cannot be activated at the same time. The compressed air pressure during diaphragm squeezing cannot exceed the filtration pressure.

4. The selection of filter cloth must meet the filter technical requirements of the filter paddle. The new filter cloth should be shrunk before production. The opening diameter should be smaller than the filter plate aperture. When the filter plate is matched, the cloth hole and the plate hole should be relatively concentric, and the feed hole The cloth tape should be close to the wall of the cylinder, otherwise it will cause problems such as unclear filtration, low filtration rate, and rupture of the cloth cylinder, which will not achieve the expected filtering effect.

5. When moving the filter plate, the force should be even and appropriate, and no collision or beating is allowed to avoid damage to the sealing surface and the filter handle. After a period of time, the filter cloth will harden and its performance will decrease. For this reason, regular inspections are required. If changes are found to affect the filtration rate, the corresponding low-concentration weak acid and weak alkali can be used to neutralize and clean the filter cloth to restore its function. If it cannot be restored, replace it in time.

6. After everything is normal, the filter plate can be pressed to filter under pressure. The filter pressure and temperature must be within the specified range. Excessive filtration pressure will cause leakage. If the filtration temperature is too high, the plastic filter plate is easy to deform and the suspension is added. The concentration must be uniform and there must be no contaminants.

7. In the initial stage of filter press, the filter is turbid. When a layer of filter cake is formed on the filter cloth, the filtrate will become clear. If the filtrate has been turbid or has changed from clear to mixed, the filter cloth may be damaged or the hole of the cloth may deviate from the hole of the plate. At this time, the valve should be closed or the feed should be stopped to replace the filter cloth.

Sudong Chemical believes that the most famous brand and the best machinery and equipment, if they want their performance to be brought into full play, the key lies in the correct use and proper maintenance of the operators. Therefore, the operator must be proficient in machine maintenance and integrate machine maintenance into daily work, so as to be good at discovering problems by watching, listening, and touching anytime and anywhere, and prevent machine failures to a minimum, so that they can do a good job. Equipment management and improvement work.


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