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The filter press industry may have major changes in the market in the next five years

Recently, industry experts have made predictions on the development of the filtration market in 2015. According to the analysis of an air, water and fluid treatment control report in 2013, industry insiders believe that the sales of the filtration industry in 2015 are expected to exceed US$3.4 billion.

While the filtration market is ushering in a good opportunity for development, Sudong Chemical believes that the industry will also undergo major changes:
Market demand continues to expand
Due to the continuous development speed and stamina of the chemical, textile, pharmaceutical and other fields, the industry believes that the filter press
In the next five years, equipment will maintain the market capacity of continuing rapid growth, and the market size will double than it is now. The promising market prospects will allow more companies to enter the industry for gaming, but the market analysis of entrants will also be more rational.

Professional enhancement
Regardless of the industry, there are always some companies that have absolute advantages in a certain product field. Filter equipment is no exception. In the future, a batch of filter companies that only produce a certain specification system may emerge, such as bag filters and vans. Filter press, and as a result of market selection, some small companies will only do ordinary filters and cannot obtain other technology and market opportunities.

Next, the filtration equipment industry will usher in a golden period of development. This conclusion is unquestionable. While seizing the opportunities, business owners need to recognize the market situation and their own shortcomings, and continue to improve, adjust, and innovate in order to gain opportunities Achieve leapfrog development in China.


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