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The development of filtration technology will drive the filter press market

As early as the 1920s of the last century, my country had begun to apply filtration technology, but the filtration technology at that time was not mature enough and the scope of application was relatively small. After decades of development, in the 21st century, my country's filtration technology has achieved breakthrough development driven by high-tech technology, which also promotes the development of high-efficiency filter presses, and the prospects in the domestic market are very impressive.

However, from a global perspective, my country's high-efficiency filter press equipment still has a certain gap with the international level. my country's filter press machinery manufacturing industry is still in the development stage, and there is a large demand in the chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, military manufacturing and other fields. Because domestic imports of foreign technology are small, most of them still rely on foreign imports.

Information technology has promoted the development of filtration technology. Filtration science and technology have the characteristics of multi-disciplinary intersection, and the combination of information technology and traditional chemical methods has accelerated the progress of filtration technology. Competition has promoted the intensification of the filtration process. The intensification of the filtration process includes two aspects: new equipment and new processes. Any new chemical filtration technology that can miniaturize equipment, increase energy efficiency and facilitate sustainable development belongs to the enhancement of the filtration process.

As people's awareness of pollution control increases, they realize that only relying on filters to maintain oil cleanliness is far from enough. Comprehensive pollution control technology has been widely recognized. Starting from the control of the cleanliness of components and reducing the source of pollutants, the reasonable configuration of hydraulic components and filters, starting from the design to reduce the flow of the system, prevent the deposition of pollutants, to achieve a more comprehensive and more comprehensive The purpose of scientifically solving pollution problems.

Sudong Chemical understands that the national competent authority has formulated corresponding incentives, support and support policies, through technological transformation, implementation of major special projects, and gradual improvement of various management policies to enhance the industry’s independent development capabilities and improve the overall energy-saving level and products of the energy-saving industry International competitiveness promotes industrial green development, circular development, and low-carbon development. Therefore, if my country wants to make new breakthroughs in the filter press industry, it still needs to continue to develop and innovate filter technology, and filter press companies with advanced technology can remain invincible in the market.


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