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Sudong made persistent efforts and successfully sent two filter presses to Inner Mongolia

Following the completion of the delivery work for Huai’an customers in the previous few days, Sudong Chemical has made persistent efforts to intensify the stocking. With the unremitting efforts of all employees, two XAYZ60/1000 reinforced polypropylene plate filter presses ordered by Wuhai customers in Inner Mongolia were on November 4. Successfully shipped on the day.
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In order to deliver the two filter press equipment to customers in time, even in the face of the huge stocking pressure brought by multiple orders, Sudong Chemical did not shrink at all, but boosted morale. All departments united and cooperated to make use of All available time, even working overtime, for the production and assembly of filter press equipment. After the production of the products, Sudong Chemical did not neglect the inspection of the products in order to save time, and still strictly abide by the prescribed inspection procedures, and conduct a comprehensive and careful inspection of the equipment to ensure that the customers receive the highest quality products. After receiving the delivery notice from Sudong Chemical, the customer was very satisfied with Sudong Chemical’s delivery speed and efficiency, and thanked the production staff who worked hard on the front line.

Since its establishment, Sudong Chemical has always been adhering to the principle of customer first, putting customer needs first in everything, and has won unanimous praise from customers. Sudong Chemical will continue to work hard, starting from product quality and service quality, to further improve customer satisfaction, and take the leading position in the voltage stabilizer filter industry.


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