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Sudong insists on independent innovation, and repeat customers come

With the transformation of my country’s economic development mode and the policy call for energy conservation and emission reduction, the country vigorously advocates energy conservation, emission reduction and green production. As the main equipment used in environmental protection applications, the market demand has increased significantly.Filter pressThe impetus for market development was quickly released.

In recent years, Sudong has combined the introduction and digestion of new technologies with independent innovation. The manufacturing technology has continued to advance, and the technical content and quality of its products have been greatly improved. It has gradually improved its market competitiveness. It not only has a large number of loyal users across the country, but also exports of filter press It is also increasing year by year, and has gained a large number of repeat customers.

No, the old customer from Hunan some time ago ordered two filter presses from Sudong, namely XAYZ120/1070-U reinforced polypropylene plate chamber filter press, BAYZB40/870-U reinforced polypropylene plate frame press Filter. After the previous cooperation, the customer trusted Sudong's supply capability and work attitude very much, and the two parties quickly confirmed the order content after communication.

Providing customers with excellent products and professional services is the principle of Sudong's work. With the concerted efforts of production personnel and responsible persons, the two filter presses ordered by customers were quickly completed and installed on the 11th of this month. Sent to Hunan. Sudong’s technical staff will be responsible for the follow-up installation guidance and commissioning of the equipment. Any questions can be reported to our staff. We sincerely look forward to the next cooperation.


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