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Sudong filter press successively passed the experiments of customers in Yangzhou and Zhejiang

Following the ammonia desulfurization test of the Hangzhou customer and the filtration test of the intestinal skin grease wastewater from the Nantong customer, Sudong Chemical successively accepted the filter press filter experiments of the customers in Yangzhou and Zhejiang on the 17th and 18th of this month. In these two experiments, the 3A brandFilter pressRelying on efficient and stable filtration performance, it has successfully won the recognition of customers.
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The forming effect and moisture content of the filter cake are important indicators for considering the filter effect of the filter press. Therefore, the customer eagerly took out the filter cake immediately after the two experiments. By observing the filter cake, it can be found that the activated carbon filter cake of the Yangzhou customer and the porcelain glaze clay filter cake of the Zhejiang customer have very good forming effects, with uniform thickness, and the filter cake is very dry, indicating that the moisture content is also very low and fully meets the customer's requirements.

Activated carbon filter cake for Yangzhou customers

Porcelain glazed clay filter cake from Zhejiang customer

After watching the working process and filter cake of the filter press on the spot, customers from Yangzhou and Zhejiang were full of praise for the efficiency and effect of the 3A brand filter press. At the same time, the Sudong Chemical staff patiently explained the work process of the equipment It also moved the customer very much. I believe that these two experiments will greatly shorten the relationship between Sudong Chemical and its customers and lay the foundation for a good cooperation between the two parties.

Real gold is not afraid of fire, welcome more customers to Sudong Chemical for on-site inspections. I believe you will be amazed by the use of 3A brand filter press. Sudong Chemical will continue to pursue technological innovations and strive for higher product quality and performance.


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