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Sudong filter press has obvious advantages in localization, Taizhou customers place another order

Sudong Chemical has been rooted in Jiangsu for many years. Relying on strong technical force and product development capabilities, Sudong Chemical has played a positive role in promoting the industrial development of surrounding areas, and its brand influence is beyond doubt. Recently, another local customer in Taizhou signed an order with Sudong Chemical. The content of the order is a model XAYZB10/600 reinforced polypropylene plate filter press.The equipment was loaded and shipped on November 6.

Different from being sold to remote areas, the sale of filter presses in surrounding areas can be described as a \"double-edged sword\". Good product quality and thoughtful after-sales service will naturally bring more advantages to the company, which will help strengthen the company’s The brand appeal of the surrounding areas has formed a localized brand advantage. On the contrary, if the product quality is not good enough or the service is not good enough, it will be on the \"blacklist\", which is obviously not conducive to the expansion of business operations. It is precisely this point that is deeply aware that Sudong Chemical has not slackened in its treatment of local customers, and adheres to the service tenet of \"integrity-based, quality first, customer first\", and provides professional technical consulting services before purchasing the machine. Customers get the best economic benefits with the least investment. If the equipment fails during the warranty period or outside the warranty period, Sudong maintenance personnel promise to arrive at the customer site within 24 hours and assume the obligation of lifetime service for the equipment. Our goal is to make Sudong's localization foundation stronger and make customers more satisfied with our services.

After learning that the equipment has been shipped, Taizhou customers highly affirmed the efficiency of Sudong Chemical, which also laid a solid foundation for the follow-up cooperation between the two parties. After more than 20 years of development, Sudong Chemical has become a leader in the national filter press manufacturing industry, but this is still a certain distance from our ultimate goal. We must continue to adhere to quality-oriented, increase technical research and development efforts, and strive for In the near future, Sudong will become a first-class international brand.


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