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Sudong filter press has a strong reputation, Shandong Zhucheng customers come here

The hot August also ignited Sudong ChemicalFilter pressThe sales and orders continue, and it has a reputation at home and abroad. Recently, customers from Zhucheng, Shandong were attracted by the reputation of Sudong Chemical Filter Press, and came to consult and negotiate with the staff. In the end, the two parties successfully reached an agreement and signed a model XAYZB30/870 reinforced polypropylene plate filter press. The truck has been loaded and shipped.

Why is Sudong Chemical's filter press sales so hot? Where is the secret? In particular, there are many orders for this reinforced polypropylene plate filter press, mainly due to the advantages of this filter press itself. The operation method of this filter press is not complicated, and it is not easy to make mistakes, and the adaptability of this filter press to materials is far superior to other filter presses, and the selection of filter area is flexible, and the work efficiency is better than other filter presses on the market. Significantly increased. It is precisely because of these superior performance that attract the attention of customers, and the brand of Sudong is reliable, and the quality of the products also allows customers to rest assured.

Su Dong believes that the country's current strong support for the environmental protection industry has promoted the birth of many small and medium-sized sewage treatment plants, which makes the market prospect of filter press very broad. Su Dong will also seize this opportunity to develop better environmental performance. The filter press, adapts to the needs of the market, and can always be in the forefront of the times, leading the development of the filter press industry.


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