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Sudong completed production well and quickly, and the filter press was successfully sent to Anhui

In the years of development, Sudong Chemical has won a good reputation in the market by virtue of its excellent production equipment, strong technical strength and customer-oriented service philosophy, and has attracted a number of customers. Not long ago, an Anhui customer found Sudong Chemical and intended to buy a filter presscopyright

During the negotiation between the two parties, after the Anhui customer had a comprehensive and detailed understanding of Sudong Chemical’s corporate strength, he immediately indicated that he recognized the Sudong Chemical brand and purchased a set of 200 square meters of anti-corrosion and explosion-proof automatic filter press. After repeated confirmation of some of the details in the, the two parties successfully signed the sales contract.

Since the customer hopes to use the filter press as soon as possible, the production time left for Sudong Chemical is not very sufficient. In order to complete the production task of this set of filter press quickly and quickly, from production to assembly to inspection, Su The staff of Dong Chemical Industry took all time in every aspect and finally paid off. The filter press was produced within the specified time and was successfully loaded and shipped on the 23rd of this month after careful packaging. The Anhui customer was very satisfied after receiving the delivery notice from Sudong Chemical, and also very grateful to Sudong Chemical, especially the staff who are struggling on the front line.

Customer satisfaction is the best return to Sudong Chemical. Sudong Chemical will continue to adhere to the concept of customer first, put customers first, and strive to win more customers with high-quality products and considerate service.


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