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Sudong chemical filter press attracts Rugao\"repeat customers\" with high quality and high service

Sudong Chemical has been insisting on producing high quality for many yearsFilter pressProducts, provide high-quality service levels, and products are exported to major cities in China. Over the years, the consistent persistence has been fully rewarded through a steady stream of orders, which can not only expand new customers, but also attract old customers.

No, recently Rugao \"returning customers\" is precisely because of the high-quality one-stop service level during the previous ordering of Sudong high-quality filter press products and the high quality feedback after the use of the filter press products. Order a XMYZ40/870 again. The polypropylene chamber filter press has been loaded and shipped.

The reinforced polypropylene plate filter press ordered by Rugao’s old customer this time is an improved polypropylene formula with increased glass fiber content, stable chemical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, non-toxic, odorless, light weight, and strong , Good toughness, low labor intensity during manual unloading, and durability. Deepening the drain groove of the filter plate makes the filtration speed of the equipment faster, increases the effective filtration volume, and greatly improves the output. In terms of design, the design of the filter plate cavity is reasonable, with a point-shaped conical boss, and a unique flow channel design. Precise research has been conducted on the size, arrangement, and angle of the bumps to improve the filtration and dehydration capacity, which makes the equipment flow faster, the filtration cycle is short, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

Sudong Chemical uses quality and service not only to expand new customers, but also to retain old customers and attract \"repeat customers\". In the future production work, Sudong Chemical will continue to adhere to the quality and service level of filter press products, and strive to provide customers with higher quality products and better services.


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