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Sudong Chemical will explain to you the cleaning method of the filter press

After use, the filter press will leave dirt inside. Excessive accumulation of dirt will not only cause equipment blockage, but also cause abnormal operation of the filter press. Therefore, Sudong Chemical recommends that all users regularly clean the filter press to ensure its internal cleanliness and smoothness. The specific cleaning methods are as follows:

1. When the filter press equipment stops running, in addition to turning off the power, we also need to clean the parts that have passed through the filter. For the filter press equipment, there are many parts that the filtrate can pass through, and they are all equipment Therefore, we must pay more attention when cleaning up. If the equipment is damaged because of cleaning the filter press equipment, it will not be worth the loss.

2. When the filtrate is pumped into the equipment by the feed pump, the first part to flow into is the filter chamber, and the filter chamber is formed by splicing one by one filter plates, so cleaning the filter chamber is equivalent to cleaning the filter board. So when we clean the filter press equipment, the first thing to do is to return the push plate, loosen the filter plate piece by piece, and remove the filter cake. The key point is to clean up some drain holes on the filter plate. Prevent the filtrate from air-drying and depositing in these key positions, causing blockage, causing damage to the filter plate, and preventing the filter press equipment from working normally next time.

3. In addition to cleaning the filter room, we also need to clean the filter cloth. The filter cloth is the direct guide of the separation between the solid and liquid of the equipment, so the cleaning of the filter cloth is particularly important. When cleaning, it is necessary to prevent the filter cloth from wrinkling, to ensure that the open flow feed hole is not blocked, and the undercurrent is returned to the air to ensure the filter press The unblocked.

Keeping the filter press clean and unblocked is a prerequisite for maintaining its good operating conditions and ensuring normal working efficiency. Users should pay attention to cleaning. In addition, Sudong Chemical also reminds you to reset the moving parts in time after cleaning to avoid malfunctions during operation.


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