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Sudong Chemical's pursuit of cost-effective products is favored by Xingtai customers

Not long ago, Sudong Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. and Xingtai customers formally established a cooperative relationship. Under the friendly communication between the two parties, an order for filter press was finally reached. Sudong Chemical provided two models of XAYZB10/800 and ZAYZB50/1000. Reinforced polypropylene plate filter press.

The pursuit of excellent product quality is the driving force behind the continuous development of Sudong Chemical. With the continuous development of science and technology, filter pressMarket competition is becoming more and more intense. Under this situation, Sudong Chemical pays attention to improving the cost-effectiveness of its products. Under the high standards of the industry, Sudong Chemical insists on selecting high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing process equipment to produce Filter press products not only withstand the test of complex environments, but also maintain stable and long-lasting working performance. The characteristics, functions, reliability, safety, and environmental protection of the equipment are guaranteed. Therefore, Sudong filter press applications Since the market, it has been widely praised by many customers at home and abroad.
This time, Xingtai customers chose to cooperate with Sudong Chemical, and they also took a fancy to the high cost-effectiveness of Sudong Chemical's filter press. Sudong Chemical thanked customers for their trust and recognition, and actively invested in equipment production, and worked together in Sudong. With the concerted efforts, the two devices have been produced and shipped smoothly. Next, Sudong Chemical will continue to serve customers well, and strive to continue more far-reaching cooperation and seek common development.


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