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Sudong Chemical's precise positioning and successful cooperation with Nantong customers

In recent years, Sudong Chemical has positioned its own brand based on its position in the filter press industry. Taking into account Sudong’s production strength and brand influence in the industry, Sudong has already made a difference. Diversification is the direction of strategic development, committed to widening the gap with peer competitors, and constantly receiving attention and appreciation from customers all over the country.

No. Not long ago, customers from Nantong came to inspect Sudong Chemical's production environment and product quality with the interest of cooperation. They fully recognized Sudong’s production capacity and advanced management level, and decided to look for Sudong. orderFilter pressproduct. After thorough communication with our technical staff, Nantong customers accepted our recommendation and ordered a XAYZ40/870-U reinforced polypropylene plate filter press.

The chamber filter press adopts a mechanical transmission form, using electric mechanical drive to compress the filter plate. Driven by the electric machinery, the lead screw drives the movable pressing plate to press all the filter plates forward, and then drives the movable pressing plate to reset. When pressing, the pressing current gradually increases with the pressing force. When it reaches the preset value of the current relay, the motor stops and the movable pressing plate stops moving forward to ensure that the filter plate is always in a pressed state during work. When loosened, the motor Reverse, when the movable pressing plate is retracted to the position of the induction switch, the movable pressing plate stops.

Under Sudong Chemical's strict production schedule and production quality control, our production line completed the production of the chamber filter press as scheduled, and it was successfully loaded and shipped on January 13th. It is believed that under the guidance of the technical staff of Sudong, the installation and debugging assistance, the filter press can be added to the production line soon.

The positioning of an enterprise determines the future direction of the enterprise, and it also affects the development speed of the enterprise to a large extent. Sudong Chemical will adhere to the precise market positioning and good corporate strategic management system to promote the development of the enterprise, and move towards a more competitive development goal.


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