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Sudong Chemical launched a new series-automatic intelligent protection filter press

Since the 19th century,Filter pressEntering China, the filter presses used in China were almost imported products at first. As domestic filter press companies slowly mastered the production process of filter presses, this broke the monopoly of foreign capitalists. For consumers, although the standard of domestically produced filter press is low, the price is low and the after-sales management is well done. Therefore, more and more users have begun to purchase domestic filter presses.

At present, my country’s industry has been greatly developed. Those old-fashioned filter presses are not effective enough to meet the needs of the market. For this, Sudong Chemical has concentrated a lot of manpower and material resources on research and launched a fully automatic intelligent protection filter press. Machine, the market orders are hot.

Sudong Chemical said that compared with ordinary filter presses, this new series of automatic intelligent protection filter press has much better efficiency. It can not only quickly treat sludge and sewage, but also does not require manual care during operation, which can save Human resource costs. In addition, the filter press is also equipped with safety nets, and the front and rear sides are equipped with light curtain protection, which effectively improves the safety of the machine.

The introduction of Sudong Chemical-automatic intelligent protection filter press is over here. If your company happens to need such a filter press, you are welcome to call our company (0523-87791016) to order.


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