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Sudong Chemical is highly responsible for filter press products and won praise from Yangzhou customers

Filter press for the \"Three A\" brand composite rubber sheet, reinforced polypropylene sheet and stainless steel sheet produced by Sudong ChemicalThe series of products, with a filtration area of ​​1-2000m², have a unique process formula, and each index exceeds the industry standard, reaching the leading domestic level. The products are well received by customers. Entering November, Sudong Chemical also ushered in the peak order period and established friendly cooperative relations with customers in many places.

On November 20th, the model XAYZB20/600 reinforced polypropylene plate filter press prepared by Sudong Chemical for Yangzhou customers has completed the final assembly and realized the loading and delivery. Sudong Chemical said it will continue to provide after-sales service for the equipment with a highly responsible attitude. For a long time, Sudong Chemical has always adhered to the principle of taking responsibility for customers in the production and sales of equipment, and insisted on strict requirements during the production process, especially the strict verification and control of materials, processes and product quality, and irregular sampling inspections of equipment To ensure product quality, safety and reliability. Before shipping the equipment delivered to the customer, strictly verify whether the product is consistent with the order, check whether the equipment is damaged or incomplete, whether the spare parts are complete, and the relevant certificates are complete. It is this highly responsible attitude that has won the attention and trust of Yangzhou customers.

In the future, Sudong Chemical will continue to do a good job of post-service work, use the service hotline to keep in touch and communicate with customers, and communicate and coordinate the questions and information raised by customers in a timely manner to ensure that it provides customers with a better cooperation experience.


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