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Sudong Chemical insists on high-quality success \"Strategy\" customers in Inner Mongolia

Sudong Chemical has always paid great attention to filter pressFor product quality, we have a group of experienced professional and technical personnel who constantly improve and upgrade the production technology of filter press equipment to improve the reliability and service life of the product. Sudong Chemical’s efforts have also paid off. Our filter press equipment is very popular all over the country.

Recently, a customer from Inner Mongolia \"not far away thousands of miles\" sent an invitation to Sudong to cooperate and ordered two XAYZB20/1000 reinforced polypropylene filter presses. After the order was confirmed, Sudong Chemical immediately arranged the staff to arrange the schedule and step up production. It has been loaded and shipped to the destination on August 12.

This filter press uses reinforced polypropylene filter plates, which are molded using patented technology. The filter plate has improved the polypropylene formula and increased the content of glass fiber. It has stable chemical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, non-toxic, odorless, light weight, high strength, good toughness, low labor intensity during manual unloading, and durable Features. The reinforced polypropylene chamber filter press has the advantages of high temperature resistance, the highest temperature can reach 150℃; high pressure resistance, filtration pressure of 0.6-2.0MPa; corrosion resistance, PH value 1-14; light weight, easy maintenance and other advantages.

This cooperation is very pleasant. Sudong Chemical’s services have also been recognized by customers in Inner Mongolia. High-quality products return the love of customers.


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