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Sudong Chemical achieved another good performance and sold two filter presses to Zibo, Shandong

Recently, Sudong Chemical once again ushered in the filter pressDuring the peak order period, a sales contract was signed with a customer from Zibo, Shandong. The content of the order was two sets of XMYZ100/1000 models.The reinforced polypropylene filter press has been shipped on September 6.

The reason for ordering two reinforced polypropylene filter presses at one time is not unrelated to the equipment advantages of this type of filter press. The reinforced polypropylene filter press produced by Sudong Chemical is an improved polypropylene formula, which increases the content of glass fiber. It has stable chemical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, non-toxic, odorless, light weight, high strength and good toughness. , Durable and other characteristics. In addition, we also consider the rationality of the filter plate cavity design in terms of design, adopting point-shaped conical bosses and unique runner design. Precise research on the size, arrangement, and angle of the bumps has improved the filtration and dehydration capacity, resulting in a faster flow rate of the equipment, a short filtration cycle, and greatly improved work efficiency.

I believe that it is this performance advantage that has attracted the attention of customers in Zibo, Shandong. Coupled with the professional service and reliable quality of Sudong Chemical, customers can trust our products so much. In order to further expand the market scale, Sudong Chemical will continue to enhance the market adaptability of filter press equipment, strengthen the company's core competitive advantages, and improve the company's position in the industry.


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