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Sudong Chemical Filter Press uses quality to repay the trust of Zhangjiagang customers

Sudong Chemical as a professionalFilter pressManufacturers have become more and more well-known in recent years, and the 3A brand has become even more famous throughout the country. At the same time, the sales performance in Jiangsu has been steadily increasing, gaining more and more customers' trust. Recently, Zhangjiagang customers trust in Sudong Chemical and came to order a XMYZG400/1500 membrane filter press, which has been loaded and shipped recently.

The membrane filter press ordered by the Zhangjiagang customer this time is composed of a membrane plate and a chamber filter plate arranged to form a filter chamber. The slurry is fed into the filter chamber under the pressure of the feed pump, and the filter medium (filter cloth) The solids and liquids in the slurry are separated. When the solids in the slurry form a cake, air is introduced to the diaphragm to fully squeeze the solids in the filter chamber. Reduce moisture content.
Diaphragm filter press is especially for the filtration of viscous materials and users who require high moisture content, this machine has its unique characteristics. The filter plate is molded from reinforced polypropylene, and the diaphragm is inlaid with the polypropylene plate, which is firm and reliable, not easy to fall off, and has a long service life. It is equipped with a variety of safety devices to ensure the safety of the operator and the normal operation of the filter press.

Sudong Chemical is grateful for the trust of every customer, and only useful products to repay everyone. Sudong Chemical will not relax its quality control at any time, and will also conduct a more in-depth study on ways to improve the efficiency of the filter press, and strive for the future Our customers provide better quality filter press products.


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