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Sudong Chemical Filter Press settled in \"Nearby\" Suzhou

Sudong filter pressThe products are deeply trusted by customers. The sales of filter presses are hot, and the orders are one after another. They have established a reputation at home and abroad, and are sold in various provinces and cities across the country. Recently, Sudong Chemical has ushered in a neighboring Suzhou customer. The cooperation between the two parties was very happy. Finally, the Suzhou customer took away two filter presses, model XMYZ200/1250 and XMYZ40/870 reinforced polypropylene plate filter press. machine.

The reinforced polypropylene plate chamber filter press in the Suzhou customer order has remarkable characteristics. Compared with the same type filter press on the market, it has more power, more stable and reliable transmission, easy operation, and is mainly suitable for relatively high viscosity and filtration. Materials with long cycles. It has been widely used in municipal engineering, urban sewage, coal washing, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries, and the application technology is also very mature. The area ranges from 3m2 to 1200m2, and the temperature resistance is -30℃—120℃. Users can choose according to their needs. , Has strong applicability.

Sudong Chemical has many partners throughout the country, and Sudong Chemical also cherishes these hard-won friendships. Sudong Chemical also understands that maintaining these friendships depends on its own solid brand and must always be the partner's first choice. Everyone's support is also needed, and Sudong Chemical will continue to work hard.


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